Monday, 5 August 2013

Bloggers block

So now I've blogged all my summer holidays and done my summer favorites post, I'm all out of ideas. I suppose you could say I've got bloggers block.

I want to do some Tags or get to know me type things or something a bit different but I'm not sure what to do, soo if any one could give me some little ideas or some inspiration for my blog id appreciate it SO much! 
If you have any ideas(any at all!) please leave them in a comment and I shall attempt to get out of this annoying bloggers block which I now have. 

Thank you lovelies :-)

P.S. I REALLY want to read some more blogs, so if you want to leave your favourites in the comments I'd appreciate that too!(oh and link your own, and I'll check them out!) Thanks again :-)


  1. I've just come out of bloggers block, I had no idea what to do until I decided to do a can see my wishlist at my blog:)

    Nice blog btw!


    1. Thats a brilliant idea! Thank you, haha its been awful not knowing what to blog about!

      Thanks, yours too :-)!