Sunday, 22 February 2015

A little reflection

I know I've not posted for a long time but I've not really felt I've had much to share and with being at uni/on placement time has been very precious. 

But I had a bit of time to reflect today, on a lot of things. I've been over thinking a lot recently, getting stressed and upset over things, wishing things would happen that I know won't, giving people second, third, fourth, fifth chances to prove themselves and generally being worried about many a stupid thing. Today I came to the conclusion why should I worry and over think things, especially things revolving around people who I know full well aren't feeling the same or thinking about things in the same way as I am. 

For me a lot of the overthinking I do is because I want to be happy. I want people in my life to be permanent, I don't want people in my life short term; I'm selective with who I let it in the first place so it makes sense for me to want those I do let in to be around a while. Overthinking others actions towards me and how our relationships may pan out is something I've always done but just recently I've done it far more. Purely because I'm sick of being messed around, I want to be happy. Today I really came to this conclusion and told myself 'stop overthinking it then' if someone is worth letting in to my life and makes me genuinely happy I won't feel like I'm overthinking and being stupid about my thoughts towards them. 

I just thought I'd share this as a bit of a reminder to myself and for anyone else who feels the same. Don't worry about those people in your life who aren't doing the same for you, permanent people in your life won't make you feel like you're less than them and definitely won't make you feel like you're second best or that you're just a visitor in their life. 

Look after yourself. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

What have I been doing...

Let's be honest, I'm petty rubbish with this blogging thing. I don't quite understand why though because I absolutely love it! 

Since my last post though I've moved out of my family home to university! After achieving double distinction star, 2 B's and an A in my a levels I managed to get into my top choice university(University of Manchester) to study Adult Nursing! 

So far, two months in, life has been crazy! Going from living with mum, dad and me to suddenly living in a new city with 9 other girls in one flat was mental! It was quite the baptism of fire.
 Having said that I am LOVING it! There's a lot of work on the course, but I expected nothing less, and already so many memories and laughs have been had. OH and of course quite a bit of alcohol has been consumed, oops! 

So why am I writing this post? 
Well I want to start using this space again, topics of posts I do not know as of yet, maybe just what I'm feeling or doing or sharing student tips, who knows! 

But let's try this again :-)!!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Holiday snaps

Now I've been very stupid these past few weeks. I scheduled some posts and then proceeded to forget to check on my blog, until now and have noticed that NONE of them have posted, sigh. But now I've got a back log of posts just ready to go, wahoo for accidentally being prepared! Anyway, here you are :-)

I recently went on a bit of a holiday with my mum to visit a close family friend and her husband at their apartment in Spain. I took a few snaps, only a few though, I was too busy enjoying the company, weather, food and drink to really take as many photos as I had hoped! But I thought I'd share a few of the ones I did take, Enjoy :-)

Early morning swim? I think so 

Evening beach walks
The old square, social hub of the town

Kinder Bueno Ice cream, the best thing ever to be invented 
One day I'll own a boat here 
Sucker for a palm tree

Local symbols

How pretty 
Evening beach walks became my favourite thing to do 
Such a lovely Spanish area
Safe to say I got to stay in a very beautiful, Spanish town. I've stayed here before but never quite understood how lovely it is. I honestly hope in the future I get to travel and explore more of Spain because its history is so fascinating and the Spanish way of life is just brilliant; afternoon naps and heaps of family time, yes please!!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

What's blogging again?

Oh here we go again, yet ANOTHER apology post from me, apologising for my lack of blogging...Sorry sorry sorry. This time round however, it has been FAR too long and I'm not even sure if I remember how to blog...

The good news is though, it's now summer and I'm ready to blog my little heart out, whether I can remember how to or not. At least in my head that's what I'm planning to we shall see. 

Basically since last posting, I've sat all my A level exams and gone through all the stress of revision and sitting the exams and counting down the days till college finished. I've been finished college nearly a month but didn't want to start blogging then as I knew I was working and had a holiday planned, which would have meant more blogging silence. But unfortunately my holiday is now over(more on that soon!) and I'm refreshed and ready to start posting again.

In the time I've not been posting, a couple of things have happened/changed in my life and I'm excited to share them with you. I'm excited for summer and hopefully summer will bring the opportunity to create some wonderful posts!

So that's about it for now, I'm going to work my little socks off and enjoy summer. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The TMI Tag

Too much information. 
A bit of a different post to day, going to try out a Tag post! I wasn't tagged directly to do this but had seen the tag on SinĂ©ad's blog; Dreaming again so here we go :-)!

1. What are you wearing?Dark blue skinny jeans with a black floaty cami from Primark and Black boots...full of colour

2. Ever been in love?I'm not too sure, I'd say yes but I'll probably look back in the future and think actually no I wasn't. 

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?Not really know, we don't speak anymore but that's life

4. How tall are you?Last time I got measured I was about 5ft 5

5. How much do you weigh? Erm I'm not actually sure at the minute, I'm trying not to weigh myself too much anymore

6. Any tattoos?Nope, I can't decide what I want yet!

7. Any piercings?Yep, ears and tragus. I used to have my belly pierced but my body was against that and rejected by belly bar:-(

8. OTP?This is a tough one, I can't decide

9. Favourite TV show?At the minute I'm loving The call centre on BBC Three, weird I know but its so funny! Of all time though it has to be Big Bang Theory or 2 Broke Girls :-)

10. Favourite bands?SO many! McFly, Busted(still, I'm stuck in 2004), The Vamps, We The Kings, Bastille, Nickelback, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Imagine Dragons, The 1975, yeah, just a few :-)

11. Something you miss?My Gran and high school but life moves on and we have to move with it!

12. Favourite song?Right now its a tie between Waves- Mr.Probz or Girls on Tv- The Vamps

13. How old are you?I'm 18, 19 in about 5 months

14. Zodiac sign?Libra

15. Quality you look for in a partner?I's love someone who was fun to be around, funny, caring and want to travel, not much; I'm open minded when it comes to relationships 

16. Favourite quote?'This is a dream come true of a dream I never even knew I had' Shay Carl, Youtuber, I love it, not sure why :-)

17. Favourite actor? Zac Efron or Hugh Grant or Nicholas Hoult

18.  Favourite colour?I'd probably go for any shade of pink but I don't really have a specific favourite

19. Loud or soft music?I prefer soft if I'm driving but I suppose it depends on mood

20. Where do you go when your sad? Either my room to watch YouTube videos or for a drive 

21. How long does it take you to shower?About 10 minutes ish...I think! I know I take longer to get ready after a shower than I do actually showering

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?On a college day it takes me about 45 minutes from showering to leaving the house, but I normally sit around for a little while 

23. Ever been in a physical fight?Nope, I'm weak so I wouldn't even try 

24. Turn on?hm someone who's funny, V lines and if you're Zac Efron but I could be wanting too much 

25. Turn off?Guys who drive ridiculously stupid just to show off to their friends, I don't know, I hate guys who show off

26. The reason I started a blog?I wanted somewhere to document my life, how I was feeling, what I was doing and because I was inspired by other blogs I was reading!

27. Fears?I really hate change, stupid I know 

28. Last thing that made me cry?The realisation I had the other day that I'm moving to Uni in about 4 months, oh lord. Oh and on the same day I cried at a YouTube video, brilliant 

29. Last time you said you love someone?Maybe to one of my friends or my mum in the past few days I'd guess

30. Meaning behind your blog name? A little blog- Just because that's what it is, not much meaning to it really 

31. Last book you read? The last book I read was City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare which is 2nd in the series of The Mortal Instruments

32. The book your currently reading?Now I'm reading City of Glass by Cassandra Clare which is 3rd in the same series, I love them!

33. Last show you watched?Mr Drews school for boys yesterday, was brilliant 

34. Last person you talked to? My Dad 

35. The relationship between the last person you texted?Younger Cousin 

36. Favourite food?Such a had decision! Maybe pizza or anything chicken!

37. Place you want to visit? There's so many places I want to visit, I can't wait to go travelling in the future! Most of all though I want to visit America or Australia! 

38. Last place you were?Before coming home I was at college, woo yeah

39. Do you have a crush?  The word crush is so cringy, but not really 

40.  Last time you kissed someone?Properly kissed? Couple of weeks wise yesterday 

41. Last time you were insulted?Not a clue, most my friends insult me on a daily basis but its more of a 'banter' than insulting eachother

42. Favourite flavour of sweet? Anything strawberry

43. What instruments do you play?None, but I really want to learn to play drums

44. Favourite piece of jewellery?Either my thomas sabo bracelet which I've got charms from family and friends for or the rose gold coloured statement necklace I spoke about in my last post!

45. Last sport you played?That's a question, probably vollyball last summer with some friends...if that counts

46. Last song you played?I'm currently listening to Who's David- Busted haha stucki in 2004 like I said before

47. Favourite chat up line?I don't think I have one, I do find them funny though 

48. Have you ever used it?Definitely never used any chat up line

49. Last time you hung out with anyone?Today at college during break with my closest buddies 

50. Who should answer these questions next?Just like I did, whoever's reading and wants to answer the questions, leave links if you do though :-)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Current favourites

It's been ages and ages since I did my last favourites post so here we are with a new set of favourites! I surprise myself with these posts because I'm not normally one of those people who changes products or gets attached to new things regularly but it seems I who knew it, maybe I'm not sure of a creature of habit.

First is the beauty type products which I've been loving! If you've seen my recent make-up haul post (its here if you haven't read it!) I spoke about the Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer, since then I have fallen in love with it, bit weird I know. But in the past few weeks I've been wearing just powder during the day instead of a liquid just because I've been super busy and I often found I was reapplying through the day and getting shiny, but I've found using this as a base for makeup has really helped and I'm finding I don't have to reapply powder and if I do its normally mid afternoon. Highly recommend it!

At christmas I got a tonne of beauty products and things and I'm still slowly working my way through them and finding new things I like. Recently I've been loving No7's Beautiful Skin, Cleansing lotion. I have pretty sensitive skin and find a lot of products I can't use but this is hypo-allergenic and very gentle on the skin. I'm also prone to breakouts and this hasn't brought any on which is even better! I tend to use the lotion at night to remove make-up and it works so well! It's gentle on skin and can remove all my make-up pretty much instantly with a wipe of cotton wool after applying it, and you only need a little bit to so my guess is it'll probably last me a while! I know you can get it at boots, usually on 3 for 2 or some other fabulous promotion.

 Finallllly make-up wise is the Maybelline New York, Master Precise liquid eyeliner. I never wear eyeliner, only ever to fill in gaps when I'm wearing eyelashes, but I bought this in the hope I could teach myself to apply it properly and try something new with my make-up. So far, so good! It's easy to use, really soft, almost like a fine liner and sits in place really well. It was around £6 or £7 if I remember correctly so I'm pretty happy about this little purchase. (If anyone has tips on applying eyeliner easily let me know!)

My next favourite is my favourite purchase I've made in a couple of months! This lovely statement, yet subtle necklace. I bought this from New Look, and was only £5.99. It's great for wearing with a cami for a dressy occasion or a casual occasion. I really really like it! It's also not heavy or noisy to wear...if that makes sense. 

Finallly, slightly random but still one of my favourite things at the minute! My diary. With a busy few months coming up with exams and birthdays and trips and work and god know what else this has been my best friend recently. I know its late in the year to be raving about a diary but honestly I recommend buying one if you're as disorganised as I can be sometimes. It just lets me know/plan where I should be and what I should be doing, even with my revision. It also lets me plan college work, trips and life in general which is brilliant for me. I'm just really enjoying being organised. (It also means I can collect my lego stickers somewhere from when I babysit, which is the best part of course...)

Thanks for reading, I love doing posts like this:-)!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tut tut and tut. I'm forever being rubbish with blogging...mega apologies but life is crazy crazy crazy.

Anyway, in the past month or so I've got into the routine of regular exercise either using an App or exercise DVD. But I find them ultra boring after a while and loose motivation with them. However I do find that music is the best way to re-motivate my work outs, so I wanted to share some of my favourite motivational songs, artists and albums with you! 

I'm a massive spotify user and lover so I generally just listen to random playlists and hope for the best. 
If like myself you use spotify I find that just going on to Browse section and finding a workout playlist throws up some motivational songs. 

But generally I go for energetic songs to work out to, one of my favourite artists is Example and I find his songs are just fab to help get through a workout. 
Close- Subfocus is also a great song, especially for cardio workouts, Waves- Robin Schulz Radio edit, Mr.Probz is also brilliant! Basically any song you'd expect to be dancing to on a Saturday night in a club or at a party!

A bit random and possibly a bit weird is Nickelback. Now as a fan of theirs I enjoy their music for workouts because its got good rhythms which you can pace yourself to. And as weird as it sounds some of the more 'angry' songs are quite motivational to help relieve some stress. I don't know, maybe its just me!

I do think though any song/artist/album you really enjoy and can sing your heart out to is also a brilliant way to motivate yourself while working out. Although using all your breathe on singing is maybe slightly dangerous...

So there you go, motivational music is the key to a brilliant workout. If anyone has any suggestions for motivational music please let me know, I'm always on the hunt!