Sunday, 22 February 2015

A little reflection

I know I've not posted for a long time but I've not really felt I've had much to share and with being at uni/on placement time has been very precious. 

But I had a bit of time to reflect today, on a lot of things. I've been over thinking a lot recently, getting stressed and upset over things, wishing things would happen that I know won't, giving people second, third, fourth, fifth chances to prove themselves and generally being worried about many a stupid thing. Today I came to the conclusion why should I worry and over think things, especially things revolving around people who I know full well aren't feeling the same or thinking about things in the same way as I am. 

For me a lot of the overthinking I do is because I want to be happy. I want people in my life to be permanent, I don't want people in my life short term; I'm selective with who I let it in the first place so it makes sense for me to want those I do let in to be around a while. Overthinking others actions towards me and how our relationships may pan out is something I've always done but just recently I've done it far more. Purely because I'm sick of being messed around, I want to be happy. Today I really came to this conclusion and told myself 'stop overthinking it then' if someone is worth letting in to my life and makes me genuinely happy I won't feel like I'm overthinking and being stupid about my thoughts towards them. 

I just thought I'd share this as a bit of a reminder to myself and for anyone else who feels the same. Don't worry about those people in your life who aren't doing the same for you, permanent people in your life won't make you feel like you're less than them and definitely won't make you feel like you're second best or that you're just a visitor in their life. 

Look after yourself. 

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