Monday, 10 November 2014

What have I been doing...

Let's be honest, I'm petty rubbish with this blogging thing. I don't quite understand why though because I absolutely love it! 

Since my last post though I've moved out of my family home to university! After achieving double distinction star, 2 B's and an A in my a levels I managed to get into my top choice university(University of Manchester) to study Adult Nursing! 

So far, two months in, life has been crazy! Going from living with mum, dad and me to suddenly living in a new city with 9 other girls in one flat was mental! It was quite the baptism of fire.
 Having said that I am LOVING it! There's a lot of work on the course, but I expected nothing less, and already so many memories and laughs have been had. OH and of course quite a bit of alcohol has been consumed, oops! 

So why am I writing this post? 
Well I want to start using this space again, topics of posts I do not know as of yet, maybe just what I'm feeling or doing or sharing student tips, who knows! 

But let's try this again :-)!!

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  1. I just found out your blog, you are doing a great job, keep it up!!
    p.s your pictures are incredible :)xx