Monday, 28 July 2014

Holiday snaps

Now I've been very stupid these past few weeks. I scheduled some posts and then proceeded to forget to check on my blog, until now and have noticed that NONE of them have posted, sigh. But now I've got a back log of posts just ready to go, wahoo for accidentally being prepared! Anyway, here you are :-)

I recently went on a bit of a holiday with my mum to visit a close family friend and her husband at their apartment in Spain. I took a few snaps, only a few though, I was too busy enjoying the company, weather, food and drink to really take as many photos as I had hoped! But I thought I'd share a few of the ones I did take, Enjoy :-)

Early morning swim? I think so 

Evening beach walks
The old square, social hub of the town

Kinder Bueno Ice cream, the best thing ever to be invented 
One day I'll own a boat here 
Sucker for a palm tree

Local symbols

How pretty 
Evening beach walks became my favourite thing to do 
Such a lovely Spanish area
Safe to say I got to stay in a very beautiful, Spanish town. I've stayed here before but never quite understood how lovely it is. I honestly hope in the future I get to travel and explore more of Spain because its history is so fascinating and the Spanish way of life is just brilliant; afternoon naps and heaps of family time, yes please!!

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