Sunday, 1 September 2013

My week

Hey! So, I thought I'd share my week with you! It was pretty busyyyy!

I had a few days at home at the beginning of the week so I had time to sit and do my nails(middle picture) which are just stick ons with gel varnish over the tops and enjoy the walks near my house(right middle picture) with my dog.  I spent Tuesday with my friends at home watching a film and chatting all day, the lazy days are always my favourite!

Then the week got busy busy busy! Me and mum went off on another roadtrip; the third of the summer! We headed for Yorkshire; to visit Leeds and then York! We did quite a bit of shopping(middle top picture), eating and drinking of yummy things(top right and bottom middle picture). Of course we HAD to get skittles milkshakes whilst in York! We then headed for the Shambles, which is the cutest little place to shop(bottom left picture). Whilst in York we also went to see the university, which is a definite choice of mine for next year! 

Saturday was a work day and after I'd finished my shift I spent the evening with my family, which is always one of the best times of the week! Then the last day of the week and of my summer( boo :-( ) was spent in the Lake District with my mum and dad(Top left picture)! 

It's been a fab summer and I wish I'd started doing this at the beginning of the summer, damn you always coming up with good ideas too late Hannah! Anyway its back to college tomorrow! I'm going to do these every week, hopefully; I quite enjoyed doing this and sharing my week with everyone!

Thanks for reading, hope every did have/has a lovely week!

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