Friday, 3 January 2014

London haul

I hope the new year is treating everyone well, I know we're only a few days in but its still good to be treated well from the get go of the year! If any of you read my last post which consisted of about 100 pictures which I took you'll know I took a little weekend break to London with my Mum just after Christmas. I did a lot of shopping and wanted to share the goodies which I purchased! I've never done a haul post before so I thought, why not start new things with it being the new year and all?!

I'm pretty excited about all of my purchases! But most of all this beautiful bag from Accessorise, which I've wanted for ages but never had chance to get! Its sort of a satchel I suppose which has an across the body and over the shoulder type straps. Its got handy pockets inside as well, plus having £10 off the price was also a winning feature for me! It cost me £27 in the sale and I am very very happy with it. No doubt I'll be writing some more about this bag in the future, and maybe even a little 'whats in my bag' post, I mean if a girls got a nice bag she has to blog about it right?! I do however feel  that the picture doesn't do it much justice...sorry!

I am also extremely happy with my new purse. My cousin got the same one as a Christmas present and I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it; Okay I suppose I was mildly jealous as well. When I went into River Island on Oxford street and saw it was in the sale, I HAD to buy it. I was buying it however much it was, so finding it was only £10 I was incredibly happy! I love it and there's something incredibly exciting about getting a new purse. This is the detailing on the purse; so sparkly and pretty!

Whilst in River Island I also picked up this very pretty snood. Its got a lovely pinkish colour and design which is pretty versatile. It was only £5 and I thought, I'm sure I'll be able to wear it during the winter and through into spring as its not too heavy or smothering, obviously the two main things you don't want a scarf to be, no? So again, a very good purchase I think. 

My New Years Eve plans involved a fancy dress party at one of my closest friends house with all the girls! The fancy dress theme was countries, so we had to dress up as something from a country. I chose Greece and went for a Greek goddess costume(I'll post about it in a few days!) My costume involved a cream toga with golden accessories. I needed some gold shoes and when I saw these beauties I knew I had to have them! They were originally £32 but I managed to get them for £17 from Dorothy Perkins which I was(and still am) very happy about! 

'But that's an expensive pair of shoes for a fancy dress costume hannah', of course I will wear them with other things in the future that aren't my costume. They're a lovely gold sparkly colour so I am more than sure I will be able to match an outfit to them!

I am also hugely excited about my clothing purchases!
First of all I purchased this silk thin strapped vest top from Dorothy Perkins which I got for £8, bargainnn. I then purchased this black pencil skirt from Urban Outifitters for £15, which I then got student discount on as well; the only place I know of who does student discount on sale items, which meant I only payed £13.50, bargainnn number 2.  I am however unsure as to whether the zip is supposed to be at the front or back...any one know?

Forever 21 is one of those shops which I always forget about but always find something I love when I do remember it exists as a shop! I haven't shopped at forever 21 for ageeees so I was very excited to go in! I, of course, chose about 5 different dresses but none of them seemed to fit, and they didn't have the different sizes(booo, but YAY for online shopping), which is just my luck. None of them were in the sale either, which is just typical. But I fell in love with this flowery skater dress with 3/4 sleeves. It's so cute and I think will be wonderful during winter with woolly tights and brown boots and then with sandals in the summer! Its got a crochet type open back which is so cute and I just love it! I don't doubt I'll be blogging about this dress a bit more in the future, probably in an ootd or favourites post, wahoo. This little gem only cost me £12.75 or something as well, so I'm very very very pleased with this one!

One of my all time favourite shops is Lush. They also have my favourite ever smell, Snow Fairy. I picked up my favourite snow fairy bubble wand and the snow fairy sparkle massage bar, which apparently makes you sparkle(??) if you crush it and use it like soap...we'll see. It smells devine anyway so I'm not going to complain. 

Last but not least my two dvd purchases(you can't go shopping during the sales and not buy dvds right?). I picked up The moaning of life for £6.99 and am excited to sit and watch that; Carl Pilkington is one of the funniest people on TV. If any of you have read my blog before you'll known I'm a massive McFly fan, so of course I am the proud owner of their new live at the Royal Albert Hall dvd, which is extra special for me; as I was there, at the concert the night it was filmed! EEE, my inner fangirl is dying to watch it and sing along to every word(and with the live cds included I can even sing in the car, win win situation I think!)

So there you go! I feel my shopping in London was an absolute success and I'm very happy with all my purchases! Thanks for reading...if you did :-)

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