Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

Welcome to another Wednesday!
(I know I've only posted these types of posts for a few weeks and nothing else, and for that I do apologise again. I shall sort that out this week!)

But this week I thought I'd share with you all my new breakfast routines!
To achieve my weight loss goals(side note I managed to loose half a pound again this week, wooo) I've been cutting down on carbs. Usually on a normal college day I'd eat about 4 pieces of bread, as toast for breakfast and a sandwich for dinner. Then I'd come home and make pasta or potatoes for tea, so a pretty carb heavy diet!
But for the past two weeks I've cut down on my carbs. Especially for breakfast, which has made me feel far less sluggish and much more energised. So instead of taking toast to college I've been making fruit smoothies and/or taking natural yoghurt and fruit and taking those instead!

My favourite smoothie which I've made so far is what we like to call 'pinacolada of health' in my idea why. But basically it consists of tinned peaches, fresh pineapple, fresh orange juice and a few tea spoons of shredded coconut, all blended together in the nutri bullet. 
Yes it's full of fruit sugars but it's far less carbs and far more energising than other breakfasts I've eaten!

So there you are, if you fancy a change try a smoothie of some sort! I'm loving them at the moment! I shall experiment with differnt fruits these next few weeks and report back!
I hope everyone had a good week and are achieving their goals! I know I am, and I'm feeling so much happier and healthier for it!


  1. Apologies for commenting so late! That smoothie sounds absolutely delicious! And yes, full of carbs but healthy carbs! So much better than pigging out on cookies and cupcakes....
    Keep us updated :)

    Jenn | UK Beauty Blog