Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

Now then. This post will have to be half apologies and half motivational.

I must first of all apologies for the missing post last week; I was ill YET AGAIN so both had no motivation to eat well and exercise or in all honesty write a blog post. It really took all the energy out of me. But not to worry the illness has gone and healthy living is back, woo!

I'm feeling extra motivated now as well, I used these last two weeks as a little break 1-because I was ill and 2-because I wasn't at college and had a lot of things going on. Now before you all think 'that's cheating' blar blar blar, I know it is but when I'm lacking as much motivation as I was after being ill, having a little rest to regain motivation is just what I need. I still did some exercise and ate some of the right things, but I let the carbs creep back into my diet. It's harder to eat properly and fit in exercise (I find anyway) when the weeks regular timetable is taken away; like in college half term. Not having a schedule for each day which I have to stick to just makes me think being lazy is okay...which it is for a little bit. The little break and step back from a schedule helps me to realise that I need the schedule and all that comes with it to help me feel better in myself. Motivation is therefore no problem when it comes to restarting the normal schedule. 

So my advice to you all, feeling unmotivated? Take a little break, one day, two days, a week, two weeks, one meal, however long you feel is necessary to regain some motivation. You'll see just how much your body needs and wants to live healthier. Plus a little bit of what you fancy does you good! So if you fancy being lazy for a few days, go for it! 

That's just a little tip from me to you all...It always works for me! 
Hope this helped; let me know! Have a good week:-) 

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