Sunday, 23 March 2014

An outfit I'm loving

I just thought I'd share my current favourite outfit with you all!
Basically its a cute little chiffon type material floral dress which is elasticated around the waist with an over sized baby pink cardigan.
Both are from primark, the dress was £10 and the cardigan was £13 I think. Either way I love them and they suite being put together in one outfit.

I'm still wearing dresses with wooly tights because I'm not brave enough to leave the house with thinner ones on yet. Wimp I know.

The sleeves are short aswell, which means I'll be able to wear this into the summer months aswell!

 A full length look at the outfit! No shoes you might notice though. I just wear plain black ballet pumps or little brown studded ballet pumps from New look.

My make-up was pretty minimal; N07 mascara, collection concealer, Clinique Matte invisible powder and mememe shimmer stack blusher. (Twp of these I spoke about in my last favourites post current favourites post and powder I last spoke about here; travel make-up bag I'm yet to speak about the blush, that'll be soon I'm sure! Look at me linking everything.)

Hope everyone's okay!


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