Friday, 14 March 2014

My week(s) in pictures

This post has got nearly 3 weeks of pictures in...well done for regularly blogging Hannah. 

Anyways I have had a super busy but super exciting few weeks!
Me being me didn't put the pictures in any sort of order, round of applause for me.

The two pictures of my dog- I've spent a lot of time at home in my spare time these past few weeks and alot of that time has been spent with my dog. The two pictures are just two of many I've taken these past few weeks but these two just make me laugh.
The two artsy nature pictures- Look at that photography work. This week the weathers been quite nice so I've gone on a few walks with my dad and the dog. Whilst out on these walks I've snapped these two pictures which I'm quite happy with(I'm going to blog a few more of the pictures I've taken soon in a post!)
The random picture of 3 letters on a page- Just after Christmas we had mock exam week at college and these were my results, they were a huge huge surprise when I got the piece of paper because I thought my exams had gone rubbish, so now its time to knuckle down and get tonnes of revision done ready for the summer exams, eeek!
The purple-y picture of a man- This is one of very few decent pictures I took at the Rizzle Kicks concert I went to a few weeks ago! Me and two friends spent the day queuing in the freezing cold but it was all worth it as we were front row and had an amazing time! If anyone gets a chance to see Rizzle Kicks you defiantly must go!

Jillian Michaels fitness DVD- If anyone has read my most recent Weight Loss Wednesday post(which is here btw... WLW post) they'll know that I'm currently loving these two DVD's and have spent the past three weeks doing the exercises on and off in an attempt to live healthier! I defiantly recommend these two if anyone who is looking for exercise DVD's!

So there we go, a mini round up of my life these past few weeks!

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